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Fit for grow room, grow tent, drying room, greenhouse, hydroponic grow, small growing spaces, grow houses.

Maximize Your Yield With greater environmental control – the backbone of every successful grow room

This grow room dehumidifier removes moisture per day, and circulates air within your cultivation space to create a healthy, grow-optimized environment.

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  • Inc. Best In Business Honoree

    Inc. Best In Business Honoree

    KD Capital Equipment, LLC is thrilled to announce that we have been recognized by Inc. Best in Business as one of the top companies making an extraordinary impact in the manufacturing field. As a leading provider of high-quality pre-owned manufacturing equipment, KD Capital Equipment has been dedicated to helping our clients improve their technology for…

  • Case Studies of Successful CNC Machine Installations

    Case Studies of Successful CNC Machine Installations

    CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines are widely used in a variety of manufacturing and production applications, and have been successfully implemented in many different industries. Here are a few case studies of successful CNC machine installations: Aerospace manufacturer: An aerospace manufacturer needed to increase production capacity and improve the efficiency of its manufacturing process. By…

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